RompHim goes viral

By now you have heard it ‘RompHim’ a romper named for men.

RompHim is a kick-starter campaign  launched two days ago by a group of young business students, that has taken the online world for a ‘romp’. Their goal to revolutionize fashion through their crowd funding project. They are doing just that, last we checked they have surpassed their $10,000 US  goal and have reached almost $200,000US towards their men fashion line of rompers for summer.

Is it the name or the trend that is turning heads,’ RompHim’

Truth be told this is not a new trend but it is

definitely a new name adding personality to the romper/onsie/coverall/overall/farmerbrown for men.

I must say the fresh pastel colours and splatter paint design by the RompHim team will turn heads especially for the close fit and short length….


You got to love how trends work, let’s be straight Dixies has been making  coveralls for ages and to think all they had to do was to put a spin on it to make it viral.

Before the ‘rompings’ on the web, we spotted Naas Mohammed sporting an all white drawstring romper at Diner en Blanc made by Trinidad and Tobago fashion house Millhouse.

Here are our few tips for the men who want to join the trend.

  1. It is not for every body type but if you want to brave it, select a loose fit and tailored cut.
  2. Pick the right footwear to keep your swag level. We think the men sandals can go for any length and are great for the warm weather.
  3. Men if you are going to wear it tight, your underwear should be fitting right. We are guessing RompHim may meed to start an underwear line. We don’t think saggy boxers will work.
  4. Watch the length,  we prefer long but hey if you got it, romp it!

Here are some inspirational photos and the three lengths you can wear. See more on our pinterest


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