STYLE TRIP goes on a roadtrip and stops at the Waterfront.

What to do in the Caribbean? Follow Style Trip as we explore fashion, events, places and experiences in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean. Also, join us for our road trip experiences with stylish travellers. Also, lookout for our Monthly Style Trip Magazine.

If you have followed our style stalking of Carnival, our colour experience at Holi and sneak peaks of other places we visited,  we do hope you are enjoying the journey.  We post the experience live on our IG feed and right here on the web so you can learn more about each experience.


We had the honour to go on a Style Trip with Crystal Ivy London, a Fashion Stylist. We took her to different places and she showed us her style.

Our first stop was the Port of Spain Waterfront where we had breakfast at the Breakfast Shed. A spot for local cuisines. They serve both breafast and lunch and are open all week.




Then we strolled the waterfront leading to HYATT Regency Hotel. It has a beautiful view and is wonderful for pictures. Many bridal parties come here on their big day.




Tameika Talks

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