New Neutrals for the Caribbean

The Caribbean fashion culture is known for its boldness with vivid colours and prints, mimicking the lush greens and colourful flora of its landscape.

However, some designers from the Caribbean are embracing the neutral tones.  There is subtle elegance that exudes from the light tones especially when colour and texture collide.

Trinidad and Tobago Knitwear designer Aisling Camps is no stranger to nudes. Two pieces from her SS2017 collection that the designer perfectly paired in her lookbook are Kora Corset and Ariel Skirt.


Swimwear brand Daresque from Barbados, an island known for its beautiful beaches is creating a sand storm with their nude tone swimwear.

Source: Daresque via Instagram


Flower Child 1999, designed by Kaysian Bourke from Jamaica is chanelling Caribbean Boho chic with her fringe and tassle clothing and accessories line for adults and children.

Source: Flower Child 1999 instagram

Tameika Talks

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