Tobago Designers at Fashion World TOKYO

Four Tobago Designers are featured in Tokyo with the Fashion Vanguard Project.

Fashion Vanguard project is an avenue for product development and marketing of Caribbean brands. The project is led by Vice Versa Fashion Company Limited. The Company has partnered with The THA ( Tobago House of Assembly) Division of Community Development and Culture for the last two years to help  Tobago designers ready for export, to develop collections for international markets and bring international buyers to Tobago with an annual Buyer’s meeting.

This year four brands are represented at the Fashion World Tokyo. Fashion World Tokyo is Japan’s largest trade show. The show gathers all kinds of fashion wear, bags, shoes, fashion accessories, fashion jewellery, men’s fashion, textile and products. The brands represented are, Ted Arthur, I Say U, Kamille Khan and OSANIE designs.  Tokyo was selected because the Japenese market is interested in new aesthetics. Japan is an influential and recognised fashion capital and offers a good placement for Caribbean products.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more from inside the Tradeshow.



Fashion Manager and owner of Vice Versa Fashion Company Limited, Jamilia Alexander


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