Exploring Fahion in Shibuya, Tokyo

Since starting Adornami our focus was set on travelling the world photographing fashion, travel and lifestyle experiences from the Caribbean perspective and at the heart sharing stories of Caribbean people immersed in other cultures, making a difference in the world of fashion. So far the journey has been amazing and our list of places visited continue to grow.

I am so excited to share my adventures in Tokyo, Japan and before I spill about the amazing woman we will be featuring let us take a look at the fashion seen in the hip Japanese district Shibuya, where the famous Shibuya 109 department store is located.  The buildings take you into a loop with scores of interesting stores flowing into each other. Shibuya is definitely a place to visit for  the latest kawaii (cute) trends.

A look inside both Sibuya women and men department stores.

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In and around Shibuya there are lots of fashionable things, from hip stores, restaurants, bars and nightclubs to street entertainment Thre streets are busy and watch out at the famous “Shibuya Scramble Crossing.”




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