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Our stories are captured from around the globe. We visited sunny Fort Lauderdale and met  Jamaican American sisters Michele Nicole Graham and Tiffany Cherie Simmonds. These two stylish ladies blog about lifestyle and fashion.

They have been  managing their blog Style by Two about six years now and continue to grow. They now have more than 5,000 visitors per month. Their main fan base comes from Jamaica and Canada.

1Although they both are passionate about styling, they bring their own uniqueness to their blog. Michele and Tiffany believe their  blog should represent themselves so their audience can connect with them. They have learned how to embrace their diverse Caribbean and American culture and personal fashion aesthetic.

Tiffany added, ‘Stay true to who you are and people will be drawn to you.’

They blog constantly with regular weekly posts although Tiffany now has a baby and family to juggle. They include what is going on in their personal lives and while Tiffany was getting married and preparing for motherhood some of her journey was shared.

After consistently maintaining an active blog they now gain revenue from their passion. When asked if there is more room for new bloggers

Michele said, ‘Of course, so many different perspectives to be shared and so many people to listen’

The sisters have their own personal favourite blogs. Michelle likes Dominican  Vlogger Sun Kiss Alba and Tiffany  likes Song of Style.

They also shared they are both down to earth and goofy at times. They love accessories and putty their own twist to trendy styles.

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Special thanks to Tewelde Daniel, Medhin Photography who was on location  to capture the images.


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