Bracelets + Sleeves

Old school stylists hate this trend!

Let’s imagine for a moment –

You’re getting dressed for a red carpet (or pink carpet, or black carpet, we don’t judge here) and your stylist is busy rushing around the room to accessorize your long sleeve, tea length A-line taffeta wine gown. Suddenly, because of its high neckline, she simply hands you a pair of  earrings and a cocktail ring.

Mind you, these earrings are nice, a pair of rose gold hoops (but you know we have a problem with this already. Don’t know why? Click here to find out —> Earring-Bling) but there’s a bigger problem. From the corner of your eye you spot a rose gold pave cuff and its love at first sight…but your stylist notices and scolds you!

“How dare you wish to pair zat bracelet wiz zat long sleeve!” she scoffs in her pseudo-French accent.

Time to school her on a quick trick that turns up the “glam-factor” on any outfit, which started in the street-style arena of major fashion capitals then eventually found its way unto the runway shows.

The idea of layering your bracelet, watches or any form of arm candy on top of your long sleeve isn’t the newest of trends, but its been the most underused – fingers crossed we see a mainstream resurgence of the chic trend since they took over the Fall/ Winter 2017 shows.

Not sure how to pull it off? Take a look at some of our favorite  looks incorporating it!

Kairon Victor Newton

Celebrity & Trend Writer

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