We have a new DIY Video series on  You Tube called REVAMP.  REVAMP is about remaking and repurposing. We recreate trendy fashion styles and we repurpose old clothing, accessories or shoes to bring it up to date.


Follow us to see how to create DIY fashion with our host Taryn Forbes who loves fashion and is an aspiring stylist.


Revamp is a collaboration between Adornami & Bead Café.


Watch our first video as we make a double-sided choker. Read our Choker Trend Article – All Choked up!
Then visit Bead Café in Trinidad and Tobago or your nearby Craft store to source the materials. Get Revamped!



SODA (18)
Credit: Bead Café #24 Mucurapo Road, St. James. Trinidad and Tobsago


Tameika Talks

Editor/Creative Director Adornami Creative Entrepreneur of her businesses Bead Café and Bang Bang Home Event Designer, Mentor and Public Speaker

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