Curls gone wild

My feed has been alive with snapshots of girls with afro, kinky curls, wavy hair, twist outs, dredlocks and all types of natural hair styles. Even photos of the men were streaming live and  there is no denying the beard trend.

Prospect Park, Brooklyn came alive with people of colour celebrating their hair on Sunday 26th June 2016. Curl Fest looked like a fun picnic in the park with the besties but is in fact a natural hair convention. The best in hair, fashion and beauty are part of the experience, with displays, demos and activities.  It is an innovative experience to celebrate the natural hair movement for the modern women of colour.

Curly Fest is an event by Curly Girl Collective; an experiential marketing group that specializes in multicultural beauty. Their events aim to find unique ways to connect the latest products and brands to their network of fans and influencers and create fun spaces for women of color to celebrate their natural beauty.



Oh! how I wish I were there with my short natural curls. I was just in Prospect Park the Sunday before Curl Fest, stalking the fashion at PopUp Dinner Brooklyn.  This Sunday I was in Florida for Carib Style Week, so sorry I had to miss the experience. I am surely looking forward to attending Afro Punk Fest in August.

Let me flashback to some of my captures at PopUp Dinner,  on the streets of New York  and from my photographer at Carib Style Week, where I saw some curly girls flaunting.

Photo Credits: Carib Style Week, Medhin’s Photography all other photos by me.



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