A journey from Soho to Harlem in New York.

Adanna Adé is a woman who lives a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Adanna is US born but Caribbean bred.  Her family is from my home country, Trinidad and Tobago.  She works in SoHo but lives in Harlem, New York. I met Adanna before, in Trinidad and we decided to reconnect while I visited New York, over a week ago. Meeting in NYC, the fashion city of the world, was a fitting place to reunite, as we both embark on new fashion journeys. We had much to share about our new beginnings.

Adanna recently started her company NSOMBI and I was excited to learn more about her transition. We briefly chatted on what’s app about the interview and we let the evening take its course. She met  me after I came off the no.1 train from Penn Station to SoHo.  SoHo is located in lower Manhattan.  We strolled and chatted in the beautiful district of fashion, art and architecture, stopping at a petite Organic Restaurant, Souen located at 210 Sixth Ave at Prince St, 10014. There my journey into Adanna’s world began… She believes in healthy eating and recommended a sweet potato muffin and a special herbal tea blend for me. At the restaurant I told her more about Adornami, before we left with mere crumbs from our delicious evening tea.

SODA (2)
Outside and inside of Organic Restaurant, Souen, Soho

As Adanna smiled and shared about why she loved SoHo, I adjusted my lens and started shooting this charismatic woman in her native habitat.

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The natural evening sun and her skin tone played together, radiating her natural beauty. I would stop the conversation and get engrossed in shooting her, a few steps in front of me. We passed beautiful street art on the way and I observed as she interacted with the art and artists.

SODA (3)
Wire Mesh Sculptures by Peter Robinson Smith. 3-Dimensional Sketches










SODA (8)

She then took me to her office building where the spa she works at is located. As we arrived she motioned that I try this popular vegan ice-cream, Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream sold at the street corner. I have a weakness for ice cream so it was a must try.

Van Leeuwen Vern Ice Cream Van, Soho
Van Leeuwen Vern Ice Cream Van, Soho

We enjoyed the ice cream and entered the sustainable office building, stopping at each floor where she showed me the different art installations. Could you believe popular fashion magazine Nylon is in the same building? We moved around and soon arrived at Pratima Skincare. The aroma of the spa was enticing and I could only imagine how relaxing it may be to work in such a calming environment. Adanna enlightened me about the science of Ayurveda and about Dosha. I learned that there are three main Doshas; Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Knowing your Dosha will help you determine lifestyle choices, nutrition and skincare products that will benefit you most for optimal wellness and beauty.  The all natural skincare line has been featured in Marie Claire and other well known magazines.
I could see why this was a fitting space for Adanna. It was all coming together.. her brand was so much about who she is…

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After my lesson about Dosha we continued our stroll through Soho before taking the subway to Adanna’s  hometown, Harlem.

SODA (11)

It was my first visit to Harlem and there we were meeting my friend Ashley, who is a Designer in New York of a lingerie line called Bedroom Behaviour. Harlem is located in upper Manhattan and is known for its Brownstones. It is a place of history and mystery where the Italian mafia controlled and famous movies were filmed. We stopped, snapped and walked to her 100 year old, four story home. When we arrived inside I got a tour through her eclectic, charming, vintage home and was in awe of its beauty. Soon my friend Ashley arrived and I got to stroll some more through Harlem, staring at the architecture of these expansive brownstones.

SODA (10)










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While the ladies familiarized themselves with each other, I enjoyed the view and capturing their chatter. We picked up wine at the corner store and headed back to Adanna ‘s home where we settled in the backyard and enjoyed a night of unique tales.  Ashley and I sipped our wine in Mason Jars while Adanna drank her water with apple cider vinegar. We enjoyed sushi and the moon light. We were bonded in a bold city, all with a passion for fashion.

To Be Continued…

Tune in on Thursday to segment 2 as I share about Adanna’s brand NSOMBI and more photos .

Captured and written by Tameika Fletcher-Birmingham #tameikatalks








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