PopUp Diner Brooklyn

I recently attended Dîner en Blanc , Port of Spain and was excited when a friend told me one was being held in Brooklyn. It was my last day in New York and I was trigger happy to shoot some more photos. When I arrived at Prospect Park, there was a flurry of people en route to find the secret location. Specks of white added to the lush green beauty of the park. There was an air of excitement as guests made their way from different corners of the park to the allotted area. A few curious onlookers like myself followed guests.  After walking for about 5 minutes, I was  greeted by a sea of white in the centre of an open space.  When I found the entrance, the sign said PopUp Diner and then I realised, it was a different event. This concept was started in 2011, San Francisco and is managed by Handmade Events.

Although a very similar exclusive picnic concept, it was not all white. Specks of coloured table décor, fashion and baskets made its way into the venue.  The fashion and enthusiasm was  on par. Take a look at the album to see photos from outside this soirée.

Tameika Talks

Editor/Creative Director Adornami Creative Entrepreneur of her businesses Bead Café and Bang Bang Home Event Designer, Mentor and Public Speaker