Inside Antoinette’s Closet

Antoinette Maund, leading Trinidad and Tobago entrepreneur and fashionista is not afraid of style and loves to be daring, unique and bold. Antionette shared with us that she loves her pieces to be timeless and is a collector of adornments from around the world.  Antoinette has vivacious style and gave photographer Natalie Miles, Miles of Beauty,  a close up look into  her closet.

Antoinette wearing one of her statement necklaces made from huge shells.
This fashionista loves to re-purpose or convert the traditional into something fabulous. Here she is showing a dress she designed from a bag


_DSC3883When you first meet Antoinette you can not miss her smile. This petite woman commands attention with her confidence and loving attitude. She is warm and pleasant but you can not help look and wonder about the statement pieces she wears and saying to yourself: ‘Where did she get that?’ Most of Antoinette’s pieces were sourced on her many trips to Brazil, Africa, USA, Europe, China and other countries around the globe. She is the owner of the renowned Trinidad and Tobago retail shoe brand Ate Logo, known for their Brazilian made shoes that emphasize comfort. She is a pioneer in the industry with more than twenty-five years under her belt. Antoinette believes in health and wellness and over a year ago embarked on opening her first spa. Antoinette has incredible taste and the architecture and decor of her Oor Jou Spa is royal and timeless, with its white and silver  elements of eccentric wall art, sculptures, and furniture.

Next time, we will take you for a spa experience but right now feast your eyes at her collection of accessories comprising statement necklaces, belts, shoes, rings, bracelets and bags. She treasures her pieces and hand-picked most. Sometimes she will even visit thrift shops and vintage stores to find wearable art to add to her curated collection of accessories.

Some of her rings and bracelets stacked on a vintage wood table.
Antique furniture compliments her walk-in closet. Her statement pieces are strung for easy access and visibility.
Assortment of shoes, belts, scarves and bags to compliment her looks.


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