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While visiting the Green Market, Santa Cruz, Trinidad and Tobago, we met David Lindfors. He comes all the way from Stockholm, Sweden but he looks quite at home among the local vendors there at the Green Market. David was casually dressed and adorned with handmade accessories, his long dreadlocks was pulled back and some of his locks wore beads. He was at the event marketing his trade.

IMG_9391 (853x1280) (853x1280) IMG_9267 (853x1280)Large fig leaves framed his small table and was the perfect backdrop to display his hand-made carvings, bracelets, necklaces and anklets. In raw coconut shells used as small bowls, he displayed beads to decorate dreadlocks or braids.

Three years ago he came to Trinidad and Tobago, the beauty of the islands lured him on his first visit. He is now based in Lowlands, Tobago. He was reluctant to compare his former home in Stockholm to his new home in Tobago. However, he did say that he loves the weather, people and natural landscape of Trinidad and Tobago. Being close to nature keeps him grounded.

While chatting with David a customer passed wearing one of his anklets. He said: “Make sure you close it tight.”IMG_9380 (1222x1280) (1222x1280) Without missing a beat, he bent down to clasp it securely for her. His pride in his work and genuine interest in all his clients is apparent. With a smile he talks to another customer about life in Tobago.

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As a Tobago resident David spends many mornings walking up and down the beach. There, he finds his inspiration sometimes literally hidden in the sand. He uses tiny detailed seashells, larger shells with naturally occurring swirling designs and anything else that the beach offers up to him on his walks. Without blinking he answers that his favourite beach is No Man’s Land.



We asked David how he found his way to jewelry-making. He said:

“I always liked to make stuff. Since I was small I made my own bracelets and anklets. Last year I started carving seriously. Then in the last six months I started making the anklets and dreadlock decorations for sale.”

David explained that he started carving his tiki pendants from cedar and later branched off to creating accessories with seashells and wood beads. Sometimes, one piece may have an assortment of beach finds, beads and his carving. He uses everything at his disposal to make his art.


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Most of his pieces are unisex but he enjoys designing pieces for men. We asked him what kind of guy he thinks wears his jewelry.

“Somebody who likes to be outside a lot, on the beach. Casually
dressed but likes to accessorize with natural jewelry that balances the simplicity.”

David can often be found with his pieces on the beach at No Man’s Land, Tobago. This was his first visit to Green Market but hopefully the first of many. Follow him on instagram Tropical Designs Tobago.

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Photography: Tameika Fletcher-Birmingham

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