Was Nicki “forbidden”?!


Did Meek Mill FORBID Nicki Minaj from having particular scene? (raises eyebrows)

Ms Minaj conducted a Twitter Q&A to promote her upcoming film Barbershop The Cut (which hit theaters Friday 15th April) where she spoke to her 20.5 million followers about her role, what she’s learned about being an actress and working with the cast.

And things we’re fine, your average run-of-the-mill (see what we did there?) Q&A… until this happened:

Excuse me?

Now Nicki is a Trinidadian (“you born here, you lived here” = you’re a Trini) and aside from that, since when does ANYONE tell Ms. Minaj, or for that matter, ANY TRINI what they can and cannot do?!

Comments Ms. Minaj? I’m sorry, are you allowed to comment? #notea #noshade


Kairon Victor Newton

Celebrity & Trend Writer

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