Is Naomi Campbell selling her boobs?!

First things first, let’s take a moment to appreciate THE SUPERMODEL that is Naomi Campbell, (sorry Tyra fans) who showed up to launch her new coffee table books series, in this drop dead wine sequined deep v bodycon dress with feather boa to match (because she’s Noami Campbell, does she need a reason?!)

The 45-year-old supermod…45?! (Must be those Jamaican genes from her mother) Sorry, let’s try this again.

The 45-year-old supermodel revealed her series last Thursday at the Diamond Horseshoe in New York; a 2-volume series that features a box cover replica of her infamous cleavage!

When asked about the book cover in particular by Vanity Fair, Campbell responded by saying:

‘When I first saw it, that was the day before the Oscars in the Taschen Gallery, in L.A., I just started crying because it just kind of . . . it was like, Wow,’

We’re with you on that one Naomi!

According to Taschen, the publisher for the books, Volume One is a collection of “the very best of Campbell’s portfolio” whilst Volume Two ‘features Naomi’s extensive autobiographical text, illustrated by magazine covers, ads, never-before-seen personal snapshots, video stills, and more.’

And who wouldn’t want this for their coffee table? We’d easily shell that USD$1,750 out! It’s the best of her portfolio, her campaigns (don’t throw a cell at our heads) covers, ads (no really please don’t throw it) personal snapshots and video stills!


Kairon Victor Newton

Celebrity & Trend Writer

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