Marketing Check Up!

Marketing Check up!
So we’re one quarter into the new year, and if you haven’t evaluated your marketing strategies it’s not too late. You’re still in good time to have some impact in 2016.

Which medium?

Traditional vs Social. Yes we know the whole world is going social but consider your audience. Where are they located?. In the traditional or social space? Do they pick up daily newspapers, listen to the radio, are glued to the television or do they surf online to get their updates. Think about your business type and the profile of your current customers to determine the vehicles you should use in communication. Do a survey and know your customer and then use this information to create your communication map. This should get you on your way and help you know the direction you are going.

What is your vehicle?

There are so many marketing vehicles. You can decide to show your ad on a popular television station, attach your brand to others such as entertainment personalities, for endorsements, put out weekly Facebook advertisements or do in-store promotions. You remember the map we were talking about earlier? That will help you decide the car you are going to drive. Will it be a road worthy Nissan or an A class Benz? Carry your business further with good placements and innovation that support a long term marketing strategy.

What message?

Map check, vehicles all gassed up, so now what do you want your customers to know about your business’s products and services in your advertising? Your business messages (both text and visuals) must be simple and clear in your marketing and promotion. If customers are expecting less or more from your business based on the messages they interpreted, or worse yet didn’t understand at all, then consider what you’re telling them. Reshape your message to get the feedback and returns on investments you desire.

Now the thing about marketing is to stay current but be consistent with your product or service experience. Don’t jump onto every PR bandwagon…evaluate its merits for your business, and decide on its applicability.

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