We’re Getting Whiplash…Again

Rihanna and Beyonce are at it again!

(left: Screenshot from Beyonce “Formation” video, right: Rihanna #R8 Album Cover) 

The web was a buzz after Beyonce released the video for her single “Formation” the day before Super Bowl 50, with many of us (myself definitely included – don’t judge me) playing that video on repeat. Because after all, we slay!

But whiplash kicked in when we got flashbacks of Riri’s #R8 cover – and the world stopped. Who copied who?

But let’s chalk this up to coincidence… (sure, “coincidence”)

Flash forward and we’re tripping over ourselves to log onto YouTube to catch Rihanna’s new video for “Kiss It Better” (also, embarrassingly enough on repeat) but just before we hit reply for the 5th time, the skies open and Beyonce releases a video for her new active wear collection “Ivy Park”. Thought that was it? Nope! Queen Bee (or her very on-point marketing team) then reveals, not one, but two ELLE covers.

Come on now Bee, give Riri (and my neck) a chance!

Rihanna “Kiss It Better” 

Beyonce “Ivy Park”

And then we suddenly recall “Hold up! Didn’t Rihanna do a collab with Puma?!”

Rihanna for PUMA


Beyonce’s ELLE Magazine US and UK May 2016 Covers

Kairon Victor Newton

Celebrity & Trend Writer

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