Your way to legendary service.

Just off the top of your head…from your gut.. On a scale of 1 to 10 is the service that you or your front line staff are giving to clients and customers a 10? Meaning world class, or is it just a 6? Pretty alright most days. Or maybe a 3? In need of some serious prescriptions.

Service is the ultimate competitive differentiator. By this I mean others can copy your product, price, location, decor, uniforms and just about everything else you offer, but they can’t copy individualised service or relationship building with customers.

So Caribbean businesses throw away any ancient feelings of service being servitude or the region being predisposed to lacklustre service. Absolute nonsense!

Upping your service game is a must. Three quick ways to activate are to:
1. Assess… Where are you? Get real and honest feedback from prospective and actual clients.
2. Determine… What does a service score of 10 look like to you? Be specific and realistic about what you need in order to achieve that ’10’ state.
3. Communicate. Train. Measure… Let your staff know the service goals. Train them to meet those goals and then hold them and yourself accountable to the agreement.

There you go! You’re on your way to re-vamping legendary service, and there’s nothing a customer loves more!

Ophelia Baptiste is an HR consultant and trainer, an entrepreneur, she analyses service gap conditions in businesses and is determined to make the Caribbean a true global player by empowering its people.


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